About Us

About Me


I’ve been a keen knitter for more than forty years now, which makes me feel pretty old but I was about four when I learnt quite literally at my mother’s knee.


After the usual scarves for teddy and the first attempts at a bobble hat, there’s now very little I can’t knit and I have also designed several items including animals, clothing and toys.


I tend to enjoy more intricate designs but I find all types of knitting relaxing, whether an Aran jumper for a friend or a little dress for my daughter’s teddy bear; a very fashionable teddy she is too.



Since August 2015, I’ve been knitting up a storm and trying to offer a wide range of items to showcase what can be made - Everything is hand crafted and is therefore unique.


I can make all designs in any available colour and can offer a range of sizes for most designs. In the past I have designed knitwear using character pictures on scarves and jumpers, and quite enjoy the design process involved in translating a picture to a finished product.


If you have a design you’d like translated into knitwear or particular animal you’d like in a cuddly knitted finish just drop us a line (Click here) and we can discuss your requirements with you.



We started in August 2015, when we opened a booth in The Boutique Village in Millbrook. It worked really well, but alas it closed in June 2016.


Straight afterwards, we found our new, and much better, home at The Little Gem, on Shirley High Street - two doors down from Iceland.




Now that we are at The Little Gem, on Shirley High Street, our vision is to be the best Wool and crafts retailer in the Southampton West area.


We can to be able to help people achieve their knitting and craft projects through the products they buy from us.



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